Meeting of the European Commission

The Europe Commission of the Hospitaller Order of St John of God met in Rome, at the General Curia, on 24 and 25 October. This was the Commissioner?s second meeting following the first one that was held on 24-25 March. The membership of the Commission is as follows:

Bro. Rudolf Knopp, General Councillor of the Europe Region with responsibility for the Bavarian, Austrian and Polish Provinces

Bro. Giampietro Luzzato, General Councillor with responsibility for the Italian Provinces

Bro. Benigno Ramos Rodríguez, General Councillor with responsibility for the Spanish and Portuguese Provinces

Bro. Laurence Kearns, Provincial of the West European Province, Dublin

Bro. Eugeniusz Kret, Provincial of the Polish Province, Kraków

Bro. Julian Sánchez Bravo, Provincial of the Andalusian Province, Seville

Dr. Carlo Galasso, Director of the European Office in Brussels

Sister Andrea Calvo Prieto, the General Councillor of the Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, attended the first part of the meeting, representing her Congregation in respect of the ?Hospitality Europe? European Office in Brussels.

The whole of the morning of Thursday, October 24 was devoted to the ?Hospitality Europe? office, for which the following agenda items were transacted:

  • The participation of the Sisters Hospitallers in the ?Hospitality Europe? Office
  • The constitution of an NGO as the legal structure for the ?Hospitality Europe? Office
  • The construction of a website dedicated to the Office:
  • Report on the work performed by the Office
  • The meeting of the Provinces? reference persons at La Nocetta on 03-12-2013
  • The Office?s budget for 2014

After transacting the business relating to the Brussels European Office, the Commission moved on to discuss a number of matters that it is intending to promote at the European level in the coming years. It laid the foundations for setting up a number of subcommissions and/or working groups to process various issues at the European level such as Vocations Promotion/Pastoral Care, Pastoral Care of the Sick and the Social Pastoral Ministry, Bioethics, the question of the St John of God Hospitaller Family, and so on. It was decided to take a different approach to the other matters: for example, in order to conduct the first evaluation of the Schools of Hospitality a questionnaire would be used, and for research and vocational training, reference would be made, initially, to the Brussels Office and to the Office?s reference persons in the various European Provinces. The Commission decided to wait until after the Provincial Chapters had finished, in order to be able to flesh out and further consolidate several matters in its schedule to better dovetail its work with the Chapters? conclusions


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