An Emergency We Must Not Ignore!

Haiyan, the most massive cyclone of the year, has sown devastation in the Philippines.  The level of the destruction it has caused is horrific.  It is comparable to what Haiti suffered. And every day the situation gets worse

 The Brothersof Saint John of God (Rome Province) have two Centres in the Philippines: the Saint John of God Charity Polyclinic in Manila and the St Richard Pampuri Center at Amadeo-Cavite, where the Hospitaller Order delivers its typical health care and welfare activities every day of the year.

Despite the fact that their locality was not in the direct path of the cyclone Haiyan, the Brothers of Saint John of God are providing care and assistance to the people in need of help, working jointly with the Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who are physically much closer to the stricken areas.

Our Manila Polyclinic has nevertheless been in contact with the government offering to take in 50 displaced persons, free of charge, but because of the damaged roads and communications system the evacuation operation is proceeding extremely slowly, although a few people began arriving at the Centre on November 29, particularly those in need of medical treatment.

The Rome  Province of the Hospitaller Order of St John of God and A.F.Ma.L. immediately responded to the EMERGENCY by airlifting drugs and medical supplies to the Philippines. In January an Afmal medical mission will be leaving for the island of Leyte at Tacloban to provide medical support in the field to the healthcare facilities located there. 


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