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"Chain of Hope" to Provide Assistance to St. John of God Hospital in Tanguiéta (Benin)

On Friday, November 29, the Board of the humanitarian association Chaîne de l?Espoir (Chain of Hope)received the Director of the Order?s Hospital at Tanguiéta (Benin), Brother Fiorenzo Priuli, and Dr. Carlo Galasso, the director of the Hospitality Europe office in the capital of the European Union.

 The Association is committed to providing health care and surgery for children who have not had the good fortune to be born in a country which guarantees access to medical treatment. The Association focuses in particular on children suffering from cardiac and orthopaedic malformations.

 One of the places where the ?Chain of Hope? will be providing its assistance in the next few years is at the hospital of the Brothers of Saint John of God at Tanguiéta (Benin). The volunteers of the Association will be going to Brother Fiorenzo?s hospital twice a year to provide material and professional assistance to help meet the medical and surgical orthopaedic needs of the children of Benin.

 The meeting proved extremely productive and useful thanks also to the fact that it was attended by physicians and professionals from the main hospitals in Brussels as well as the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Belgium. Joint activities were also planned to design projects that could be financed by Belgian government institutions and by the European Union. 

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