Gwangju Clinic Celebrates 50 Years

This month the Order in Korea celebrated the 50th anniversary of the opening of its general clinic in the city of Gwangju. The actual jubilee was in 2010 but its commemoration was deferred until this year so as to place it within the celebrations of "The Year of the Family of Saint John of God".

A special anniversary Mass was celebrated by Provincial Brother John Jung. This was attended by Brothers, Co-Workers, retired Co-Workers, affiliated members of the Order and volunteers as well as many friends of the Order.  

After the Mass a special Mosaic of St. John of God was unveiled and then blessed by the Provincial.   This Mosaic was made in Granada and was a gift to the Korean Province from Irish Brother Kilian Keaney (a former member of the Gwangju Community). The occasion ended with a celebratory meal and social evening.  

The original service of the Order in Korea, the St. John of God Clinic is now part of St. John of God Hospital which includes psychiatric and addictions services and day care programmes for the elderly and disabled.




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