More than 32,000 in Taizé Youth Gathering

The 36th European youth meeting organised by the Taizé Community in Strasbourg, Alsace and the neighbouring region in Germany, ended with prayer and festivities to celebrate New Year's Eve, and lunch on 1 January shared by the young participants and their hosts. It was one of the highlights of the meeting: nearly 10,000 homes decided to open their doors throughout the region.

In a message of thanks, Brother Alois said: "All the young people were welcomed by families. So many people told us before leaving how much they were touched by the warmth of your welcome. That thousands of people have opened their doors to young people they did not know , at a time when we are often afraid of strangers, emphasizes the communion of the Church and deepens understanding between peoples."

Another highlight was the ecumenical partnership between the various churches. Indeed Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox prepared the meeting together. The 'Proposals 2014' that Brother Alois made public in Strasbourg also take up the theme of "Seeking visible communion of all those who love Christ" (

Of the 20,000 registered participants, coming from every country in Europe, to which can be added 10,000 from the wider region around Strasbourg, the presence of 2,500 young people from Ukraine was particularly noteworthy. Many of them were especially interested in the workshops on European issues, which were among the most well attended out of all those offered.

In a year's time, the next European meeting will take place in Prague from 29 December 2014 to 2 January 2015. In the meantime, several stages of the pilgrimage of trust on earth will take place in the Americas. In 2015 gatherings "for a new solidarity" will be held, the highlights of which were also announced in Strasbourg (


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