Order's General Commission on Bioethics

The General Commission on Bioethics held its first meeting of the year on 13 and 14 January 2014 at the General Curia, which was actually the second meeting of the Sexennium. The following were present  at the meeting: Brother José MariaBermejo (Commission President); Brother Benigno Ramos; Dr. Salvino Leone; DrMaria Teresa Iannone; Dr. Dieudonné Zaongo; Dr. Silvia Oger; Dr. CorinnaPorteri; Sr. Margarita Bofarull and Brother André Sène (Commission Secretary).

This Commission was established to pursue the objectives laid down in the Lines of Action of the 2012 General Chapter: ?The General and Provincial Ethics and Bioethics Commissions must be strengthened so that they can guarantee formation and appropriate decision-taking in respect of these matters throughout the whole Order? (Declarations of the 18th General Chapter, Lines of Action and Priorities, III. 2)

The Commission?s agenda included, among other matters, specific case studies, a review of the work performed in the regions during this first year of the Sexennium, an analysis of the replies to the questionnaire that had been circulated around the Provinces, and the timetable for the meetings in 2014 and its future projects.

The main event to which we are looking forward in the course of the Sexennium will be the International Bioethics Congress in 2017, even though the final date and the venue have not yet been decided. 


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