Ending Street Homelessness in Europe

In January, the European Parliament adopted a resolution requesting the Commission to draw up a ?European strategy? to protect the rights of the homeless. The European Commission is the only Community Institution that can initiate legislation and submit legislative proposals for adoption at the European level.

Over the years, the economic crisis has given rise to an increasing number of people living in a state of poverty and social exclusion with no home of their own, and without any adequate social protection.  Not only the European Parliament but also other Community bodies, such as the Committee of the Regions, the Economic and Social Committee, and the European Union Council have examined the possibility of adopting a legislative text laying down minimum conditions of protection and support for the poorest people within Europe.

Poverty reduction and social welfare are matters that fall primarily to the competence of the individual Member States, but the EU isnevertheless required to play a complementary role and to harmonise national policies.


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