First Centenary of the Death of St Benedict Menni

The inauguration of the Centenary celebrations took place at Dinan in France, where                       St. Benedict  Menni was commemorated before God on April 24, 2014, at which the two Superiors General, of the Sister Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (HSC)and the Hospitaller Order of St John of God (OHSJD), Sr Anabela CARNEIRA and Bro. Jésus ETAYO, respectively, presided, under the theme, ?A heart without borders?.


Brothers, Sisters and Co-workers from various Provinces of both Hospitaller Families took part in this inauguration, at which both Superiors General addressed words of welcome and greetings to those attending. They both stressed the personality of Saint Benedict   Menni as an apostle of mercy and model of the Hospitaller  life for all the members of the great Hospitaller Family of which we all form part.


Bro.Luis Valero then gave an overview of the life and work of Saint Benedict Menni, and took as his theme, ?Benedict Menni  restorer and founder, the keys to his mission?, after which the meeting broke up into discussion groups on the following subjects:


Benedict Menni : in the footsteps of St John of God.         [Bro. Pascal PILES, OH]

Benedict Menni and the female face of hospitality               [Blanca Flor  GUERRERO, HSC]

Benedict Menni : from madness for God to madness for

Humanity                                                                           [Laurinda FARIA, HSC]

Benedict Menni’s final years in Dinan ? France                        [Alain Samuel JEANCLER, OH]

Benedict  Menni : model of an apostolic spirituality                [Idilia CARNEIRO, HSC]

Benedict Menni : his contribution to psychiatry, yesterday

and today                                                                             [Dr Manuel Martin CARRASCO]

Benedict Menni : an experience of human values

through self-giving                                                                   (Agata Villadoro HSC & Maria Cristina Rossi)                                                              

Benedict Menni : a man without borders                                     [Juliana Pedro, HSC]


The output of the working groups was pooled, and followed by round table discussions which continued into the afternoon.

The morning of April 24 was dedicated to visiting the town of Dinan and the exhibition at the hospital on the life of St Benedict  Menni.   Mgr Denis  MOUTEL,Bishop of Le Dises de Saint Brieuc  presided at the Solemn Mass in honour of St Benedict Menni, with Brother Jesús Etayo at his side as the Superior General of the Order, together with numerous priests of the Order and local diocesan secular clergy.



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