Opening of New Facility at St. John of God Hospital, Peru

On May 15, 2014, the New Inpatient, Rehabilitation and Surgery Pavilion was inaugurated at the Clínica San Juan de Dios at Cusco, This was possible  thanks to the support, solidarity and efforts of the Teletón Foundation, as part of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God, shared with a variety of stakeholders, such as the Saint John of God Teletón Foundation, which served as the channel for the generous offerings of the Peruvian public through a series of Teletón events; and with the strong backing of the Missions and International Cooperation Office of the Hospitaller Order in Rome, which also made it possible for us to receive assistance from the Paris-based Association for Assistance to Sick Young People and People with Disabilities whose funding was channelled into the project through Juan Ciudad ONGD;  World Vision Foundation  whose contribution helped to complete the Minor Surgery and Ophthalmology Area, in addition to the efforts deployed by the Clínica San Juan de Dios in Cusco.

 All this support was coordinated at all times by the Provincial Curia Projects Office. It should be noted that Clínica San Juan de Dios in Cusco is one of the 11 centres belonging to the Northern South American Provincial Network of Clinics and Hospitals encompassing Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador.

 Innovation at every level

The Project entitled ?Improving the provision of services by the Inpatient, Rehabilitation and Surgery Unit of the Clínica San Juan de Dios - Cusco? comprises a five-storey of building of  6,370 m2.

 The first floor houses the Children’s Inpatient Department, which cares for children with disabilities in the southern region of the country. On the second floor is the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Area, while the third floor is for Adult  Surgery and Inpatients. The fourth and fifth floors are planned to be used for inpatients.

 This project will make it possible to look after more people, providing the new surgical services and UCI to complete the wide range of specialised medical services currently being offered by the Clínica San Juande Dios de Cusco; this will mean that the local people requiring surgery will no longer have to be referred to other hospitals in the town and elsewhere. This will greatly improve the quality of care, delivering comprehensive and appropriate treatment to improve the health of the people of Cusco, by providing them with humanised care.




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