Ebola - Poem of Hope


About 4,000 people it has infected,

Doctors and nurses now try to stay protected

With few gloves and few masks

These people still do their incredible tasks

Although you may catch it while you’re heathy and alive

It will surely test your will to survive

This awful virus, this terrible killer

Requires us all to work together,

 And build over it pillar by pillar

The reason this virus has condemned so many

Is lack of gloves and suits, which cost little over a penny

 If only these nations would do what is right

It would bring up the sun from this icy cold night

And end all the suffering that has been endured

So that these innocent people may be cured

And in the end if all has been corrected

Then 4,000 people won’t deal with being infected.

—Patrick Flanigan

September 18, 2014


Dr Flanigan is now involved with John Mitchell, St. John of God Development Office,  in our mission in Liberia and is contacting another few volunteer Doctors.



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