Formation course for the Order's Senior Executives

The second formation module for European Senior Executives is being held in Rome, at the General Curia, on 6-9 November following the first module that was held in January, in Granada, Spain, which is considered to be the cradle of the Order.

 In January, some 20 senior executives attended from the 11 European Provinces and the Genera Curia, and the module focused around the figure St John of God as founder,leader and innovator.

 The same group is meeting again in another place that is emblematic of our Order, the the GeneralCuria: here, they are spending four days working on charismatic management, based on a number of practical issues that they have to address in their daily work: recruiting and training co-workers, relations with the Order and the Brothers, the demands of the economic management of the centres, pastoral care and welcoming people into our centres. By sharing their experiences and theiir real-life situations, they are questioning different aspects such as  working methods, decision-taking and acting in the manner of St John of God.

 In his opening address, the Superior General, Brother Jesús Etayo, emphasised the importanceof these opportunities to share and reach out towards a broader vision of the Order,and encouraged everyone to develop cooperation between the European Provinces, stressing the importance of humanisation and always keeping the human person as the centrepiece of our concerns and of all we do. 


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