Message from Brothers and Co-Workers in Asia Pacific Region

The Asia Pacific Inter-Provincial Commission (APIPC) coordinates, in areas of mutual concern and interest, the activities of the various communities and works of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God in the Asia and Pacific region.

The Brothers and Co-workers of the Asia Pacific Region met in Conference at Poonamallee, India, from 30 January to 4 February, 2011.  From the conference a message was sent to other members of “The Family of St. John of God” in the region.  The message had a special emphasis on the vision that the Order has as being “The Family of St. John of God” which includes all involved in any way with the Order within its hospitals and centres and who embrace the ethos and values of the hospitality inspired by our Founder St. John of  God

The Year of “The Family of St. John of God”

The recent General Chapter recognised that the Order has a new vision of itself as “family” and welcomed the idea of “The Family of St. John of God” as a gift of the Spirit in our age. Consequently, the Brothers and Co-workers of the region will celebrate the Year of “The Family of St. John of God” – 2011-2012 – in a fitting way.

Values of the Order

The values of the Order, based on John-of-God-style Hospitality, are Quality, Respect, Responsibility and Spirituality. We call on all those who are involved in the Mission of Hospitality to proclaim those values in word and deed and to make them the characteristics of all centres and services.

Preparation of Co-workers

We call on our Co-workers to engage in the programmes that are offered to Co-workers in order that they might have knowledge of the history and structure of the Order and a clear idea of its philosophy, spirituality and expectations.

Involvement in General Chapter

We invite our Co-workers to become involved in the preparation and conduct of the General Chapter by participating in the events organised by the Provinces or Delegations to study the working documents of the Chapter and, in some cases, to attend the Chapter as the representative of the Co-workers of their Province or Delegation.

 Regional Perspective

We are conscious of the factors that separate us – language, history, religion, culture and world vision – but we feel united by our common commitment to continuing the work of Saint John of God in our times; so we foster amongst us a regional view of the problems and needs of the Order and those whom it is privileged to serve.




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