The Day for Disabilities at Los Molinos

The third edition of the days dedicated to intellectual disabilities was held at Los Molinos on 20-22 November at the initiative of the Interprovincial Commission-"Fondazione Juan Ciudad". The main theme of this year’s edition was the presentation of the “M-capacit@” project, in which a number of the Hospitaller Order’s Centres for the disabled are participating with the support of the Vodafone Foundation, Spain. In addition to numerous Co-workers from the Order’s three Spanish Provinces, the meeting was also attended by Co-workers from other centres for disabled people in Europe, run by both the Sisters Hospitallers and the Order. In particular, the Order was represented by Hospitaller Ministries (Ireland) and the Saint John of God Centre at Kainbach bei Graz (Austria), while Maison Ste. Germaine (France) and the Social/Health Care Centre at Idanha (Portugal) attended for the Sisters.

The European dimension given to this edition of the days dedicated to intellectual disabilities was due to the work of the Hospitality Europe Office which is currently preparing to submit an application for funding for a European project to enable the Spanish Provinces of the Order to share with other partners the work hitherto performed by the Vodafone Foundation. Carlo Galasso, General Secretary of Hospitality Europe, addressed the meeting on Saturday 22nd,  to illustrate the instruments offered by the European Union through its programmes and to coordinate a debate and an exchange of information and proposals among the attendees. 


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