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Vocations Promotion and Formation - Meeting of the European Officers

The meeting of the European Provincial Vocations Promotion and Youth Pastoral Ministry officials was held at the General Curia on 3-4 December 2014.

On the first day, Brother Jesús Etayo, the Superior General, welcomed the members and raised a number of challenges that must be taken into account when proposing the Vocation in different places. He stressed the need to closely follow up those that were concerned about a possible vocation, and the importance of ensuring that the Co-workers and Brothers of the Order bear witness through their lives. We had to revise our lifestyles to make them radiate the joy of the Gospel of Hospitality. 

He also explained why the Order had deemed it appropriate to celebrate Hospitaller Vocation Year in 2015, as it could provide a good opportunity to delve deeply into the issue and commit ourselves seriously to it.

Brother Benigno then explained the background of this meeting and briefly introduced  all the members.

In the morning we were also accompanied by Mr Giancarlo CURSI who delivered a paper on the ?culture of vocations?. He urged the meeting to work on three aspects of our Institution when dealing with young people: a sound discernment based on serving and meeting suffering people, wise and impassioned accompaniment to make it easier for the candidates? gifts to emerge, and to carefully prepare a favourable environment for them.

In the afternoon, the objectives and lines of action for the Sexennium were examined, both of the General Curia and the Europe Commission in the matter of Vocations Promotion/Pastoral Care and Formation, together a presentation of the materials prepared for the Hospitaller Vocation Year, such as the poster and theme, prayers, continuing formation themes, testimonies to the vocation etc. as a means of disseminating familiarity with the Vocation to Hospitality.

The European Provincial officials then presented the various actions that they would be implementing for the Vocation Year. 

The day ended with a prayer vigil for vocations together with the Brothers of the General Curia community.

On the second day, the speakers continued explaining what the Provinces would be doing for Vocations Year, and a report was given on a pastoral care experience with young people in a nursing college in the Castile Province.

Lastly, the meeting engaged in a debate with Brother Jesús Etayo to share and evaluate the work in progress. 



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