New Year, a New Office in Brussels

This month the European Office of the Hospitaller Order will continue its work in the new headquarters at the Brussels Inter-Diocesan Centre, in Rue Guimard 1 ( The choice of the new headquarters was made after a thorough examination of the options in 2012, to enable the European Office to run autonomously and efficiently to develop its activities over the coming years. The Inter-Diocesan Centre stands in an area of the city backing onto the main institutions of the European Union, and hosts numerous offices representing Belgium’s leading Catholic organisations, including the “Belgian Federation of Catholic Hospitals”, and works synergistically at all times with the offices of the Council of European Bishops’ Conference. We look forward to receiving our first guests from the European Provinces, and in the meantime would ask you to take note of this address and the contact details of the new headquarters.

Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God - European Office

Rue Guimard 1, B-1040 Brussels - BELGIUM


Tel: +32 2 509 97 36, Mob: + 32 487 012253, Fax: +32 2 509 96 06



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