Vocation Promotion in Kenya

(In the picture Br.Atanasio giving a talk to a group of youths in a church)

On 20th of February 2015 we opened the year of vocation in our parish with a lot of schools and youth of the parish in attendance.

The Nairobi community also formed their own group of vocation promotion in collaboration with me in Meru. They started visiting various parishes and schools in order to make the order known in Kenya. The year of vocation was celebrated in low tones in the Diocese, there was no great plans set in place for the year of vocations because most of the schools were on progress, but later we organized great rallies for the youths.  So far i have visited quite a number of schools and centers in the diocese.

  (In the picture is Br Atanasius with the metropolitan vocation animators and Formators in a vocation camp. From 12th to 16th of March, the vocation promoters National wide organized a three day intensive vocation promotion in the diocese of Meru.)

My main targets are the school so that the student can develop an interest in us, know us and accept us, we want them to be close to us.

Since the time we launched the year of vocation I have been able to visit Meru diocese and its environs doing sensitization to the people about the brothers of St John of God. It’s not easy but I do manage to make it though the connections with other animators and Parish priests. I can say that the Order is now known very well to three main dioceses in Kenya where by the young people feel that they want to belong o this family. 


We are trying to make sure that we participate in all the events of the dioceses in Kenya so that we can make ourselves known. So far we are registered in Meru diocese and Archdiocese of Nairobi with the vocation promotion teams. We participate in all their meetings without any hindrance. We look forward to know other vocation animators in other dioceses. (In the picture shows some of the  secondary school students in Meru diocese participating in a talk)

In Kenya we are using the following banner during Youth rallies and camps, which has produced some fruits for us.



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