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The 4th meeting of the delegates of the Order?s' and Sisters'? Centres taking part in the DESkTOP project subsidised by the European Erasmus+ programme met in Barcelona at the Provincial Curia of the Hospitaller Order.

At the Barcelona meeting the delegates discussed the progress made in their care centres using the ?Mefacilyta DESkTOP? application built  by the Spanish Vodafone Foundation which makes it possible to create tailor-made learning programmes for people with disabilities which are easily accessible by mobile phones phones and tablets.

The purpose of the project is to develop a multimedia mobile application to facilitate independent learning by people with disabilities and to write a teaching manual for teachers in the centres using the new technologies.

Progress with the work to date is quite encouraging, considering that the representatives of all the centres said that they had attained the target number of users of the ?Mefacilyta DESkTOP? application (including Co-workers and users with disabilities). In the coming months, each partner will be organising a local event to disseminate the work and the results of the project within their own areas. In July, a new meeting is scheduled to be held in Madrid (10-14 July) attended by some people with disabilities who are taking part in the teaching activities under the European project.

  TheDESkTOP project is financed with the support of the European Commission.
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