325th anniversary of the canonisation of Saint John of God

Our founder, John of God,was canonised by Pope Alexander VIII on October 16, 1690, sixty years after his beatification in 1630 by Pope Urban VIII.

 An important artistic memorial of his canonisation is built into Alexander VIII?s funeral monument in St Peter?'s Basilica in Rome.

 On a convex plaque at the base of the funeral monument is a bas-relief (see the photograph) showing the Pope with the saints he canonised. The kneeling figure on the right of the Pope is Saint John of God with the Archangel Raphael.

 It is the work of the sculptor Angelo de? Rossi (1671-1715), on which John of God is depicted together with Saints Lorenzo Giustiniani and Giovanni di Capistrano (both Italians) and the Spanish Saints Pascal Baylon and Juan San Facundo.

 The tomb of Alexander VIII is in a niche set into the west wall of the Chapel of Our Lady of the Column to the left of the apse, and is one of the visually most striking funeral monuments in St Peter'?s for its chromatic depth and impressive sculptures. 




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