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International Meeting of Order's Vocation and Formation Directors brings Year of Vocation to a Close

The year of Hospitaller Vocation which began in January 2015, came to a formal conclusion on 20th January in Rome.  As part of the closing of the year, an international meetingof all the Order's Vocation and Formation Directors was held in Rome from 18th - 22nd January.  The meeting was facilitated by Fr. Juan Carlos Martos, a Claretian, who has many years experience in the area of formation and is the author of several books on the subject of vocation and formation.

During the meeting the Brothers attending had the opporunity to review the events of the previous year in each Province and using the SWOT method look at the internal strenghts and weaknesses of each Province and the external opportunites and threats.  Future challenges being faced by the whole Order were also discussed.  These challenges will vary according to geographical and cultural regions.  Africa and Asia have people coming, while Europe and America have a dearth of vocations for many years, although the fact that the French Province after a long time have now three men in formation is a cause for hope.

In his opening and closing addresses, the Prior General reminded the Brothers that while the Vocation Year was coming to a close, the work of Vocation Promotion and Formation will still continue.  He hoped that the past year will be a springboard towards more focus and effort in these two important areas which will determine how the future of the Order will be directed.

The formal conclusion of the year took place with a service of prayer, reflection and music , at the Mental Health Centre, run by the St. John of God Brothers at Genzano just outside Rome.  The Brothers also enjoyed entertainment and refreshments provided by the residents of the centre.


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