70th Anniversary of the death of Blessed Eustace Kugler

June 10 will mark the 70th anniversary of the death of our Brother, Blessed Eustace Kugler, from stomach cancer aggravated by a duodenal ulcer, in 1946 in Regensburg.

Blessed Eustace was an unassuming man, intent only on doing his duty, even when shouldering the heavy burden of his service as Provincial Superior in the particularly the fraught age of the Third Reich, subjected to gruelling interrogations, during one of which he fainted, but always demonstrating clearly and convincingly that the pursuit of holiness is the duty of all Christians and Brothers, performing their mandate faithfully and generously at the service of the Gospel and their fellows.

The terrible sufferings and excruciating pain caused by his illness, borne patiently and with total acceptance of God’s will for him, marked out the final, interminable weeks of his earthly life.

Yearning to return to the Father’s House and with fervent devotion to Our Lady and our Father, Saint John of God, Blessed Eustace Kugler surrendered his beautiful soul to God at the age of 79, and 50 years of Religious Profession.

On 19 October 1904 he had written, “I belong entirely to the good Lord. I must strive constantly to discover His will, and do whatever he wishes. If I fail to do so, I cannot be happy.” He was beatified in Regensburg on 4 October, 2009.  


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