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"Cultivate an Unshakeable Trust in St. John of God " says Prior General

On 27 and 28 November 2012, the new and the outgoing General Councils held a meeting at the General Curia, attended by the new and the outgoing Secretaries General. Pursuant to the provisions of article 123 of the new General Statutes[1][*] there was a complete handover of powers between the outgoing Government and the incoming Government. They engaged in a very intense exchange of experiences and the work begun under the previous Government was formally entrusted to the new one. They discussed the resolutions of the Fatima General Chapter and the consequences stemming from them.

The newly elected Prior General, Bro. Jesús Etayo urged his Councillors to cultivate an unshakeable trust in St John of God. Our Holy Founder, he said, would support and accompany us in every situation and difficulty, provided that we sincerely commit ourselves to practising hospitality has a Hospitaller Family. Today's world, seriously suffering from the economic crisis, needs the hospitality of St John of God more than ever before.

The former Prior General, Bro. Donatus Forkan, urged the new Council to pay careful heed to the signs of the times and to act in consequence. The two aspects which the outgoing Prior General wished to emphasise in particular were the renewal of the Religious Life, and to develop the St John of God Family more deeply. He said that the Brothers had to rediscover a new enthusiasm and find the courage to take on risks, as the General Chapter had urged them to do.

The new General Government then held a separate meeting to begin setting out the programme for the Sexennium 2012-2018. All the members of the new Government were mindful of the fact that important decisions lay ahead of them, which will determine the future of the Order.

In the first few days of December:

-        Bro. Donatus Forkan would return to the Western European Province

-        Bro. Vincent Kochamkunnell would return to India

-        Bro. Robert Chakana would return to Africa, and more precisely to Zambia

-        Bro. Daniel Márquez would begin a sabbatical year in Madrid, Spain

-        Bro. José María Chavarri would return to the Castile Province.


Bro. Elio Tripaldi would remain at La Nocetta for a long period, where he would continue to perform the office of the Postulator General. Bro. Gian Carlo Lapic would also remain, for the time being, at La Nocetta, to complete his doctorate at the Gregorian University.


[1][*] Once the new General Government is elected, the previous one helps and is at the disposition of the new one for the period that both establish as being necessary.



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