Vocations “Drop In” Centre Opens in Knock

Vocations Ireland, the umbrella organisation for the Vocation Directors of the Religious Orders in Ireland has opened a new “drop in “ centre in Knock.  The centre is operated by members of religious communities from around Ireland; all strands of religious orders coming together to share their experience, bringing their own unique personalities and talents to the forefront in a combined effort to make, once again, a religious vocation, a very real and worthwhile option, in today's ever changing and uncertain climate.

Last Saturday, I dropped in to the sisters charged with operating the centre for this week (every week two new religious representatives take up duty at the centre); Sr. Mary of the Carmelite Sisters at Loughrea in Co. Galway and Sr. Rita Kelly, a member of the Medical Missionaries of Mary, Dublin, were only too delighted to share the story of the new vocation mission at Knock: "We want the public to know that we are here to promote a vocation to religious life", Sr. Mary said. Situated directly across the road from the Knock Apparition Chapel, Sr. Mary added in relation to the significance of the opening of the centre at Knock: "It is particularly valuable as a resource for people who would like guidance as they seek to follow God's ways and plan for them. Anybody is free to come and browse around, looking at the various Religious life options currently available in our country".

 Sr. Mary explained that Vocations Ireland has just embarked on a new programme called Explore Away: "This programme is specifically designed for people who are genuinely seeking to follow God's ways for them. It is presently run by two very committed people whose expertise and knowledge in this field make them ideal guides for those who are seeking to find their path to God in the maze of life".

 The Vocations Ireland Centre has on view the many other options available to people who are open to God's call. "Our wish is to help you, so that you can help us to spread God's message of life and love in today's world. It is so important to remember that life is precious, not to waste it", Sr. Mary concluded.

 Vocations Ireland is an association of the vocation directors of the Catholic religious orders, both men and women in Ireland. They work to present religious life, apostolic, missionary and contemplative as a life choice. Vocations Ireland offers information on religious life in all its aspects, in discernment of vocation, as well as well as support and accompaniment for those who may be considering a call to religious life.

  Michael Byrne




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