A New National Vocations’ Framework

The purpose of a National Vocations Framework is to increase the number of people actively discerning how to respond to the call of Christ. This draft describes three priorities to enable this; under each priority is an area of action and within each area of action an example is given.

Increase the number of discernment opportunities

1)      Multiply discernment groups: e.g. Samuel Groups, Compass, Diocesan Discernment Groups and offer training to those wanting to lead such groups.

2)      Develop a network of trained spiritual guides willing to accompany discerners: e.g. in collaboration with religious congregations and dioceses.

3)      Develop more opportunities for discernment from an early age: e.g. a Catholic school curriculum focussed around the call of Christ.

Communicate the culture of vocation to a wider audience

4)      Generate a more comprehensive use of digital media: e.g. social networking sites

5)      Support Diocesan Vocation Teams and all working in parishes as prime creators of vocation culture: e.g. help them develop deanery vocation teams

6)      Develop the Vocation Voices initiative: e.g. increase the number of speakers

Develop the theology of vocation

7)      Develop the theology of vocation in the Church today: e.g. a seminar on the theology of vocation

8)      Affirm the value of the celibate vocation to priesthood: e.g. promoting a better understanding of celibate sexuality

9)      Promote marriage as a vocation in contemporary culture: e.g. working with other church agencies to affirm the positive value of marriage for  individuals and society

10)  Ensure that vocations to the diverse forms of the consecrated life are better understood .e.g. by making the different expressions of consecrated life more widely appreciated

Arriving at a final National Vocations Framework

 The National Office for Vocation is currently consulting the Church in England and Wales about the Framework. Please email your comments to framework@ukvocation.org by the end of October. You might like to focus your comments round these questions:

  • Are we right to concentrate on these three priorities? Which would you add or remove?
  • Would you want to change any area of action described within each of the priorities?
  • What other examples of good practice would you suggest that we promote?

The final version will give more detail and include action plans over the period 2012 to 2014.





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