Provincial Reflects on Role of Brother

In his reflection, Br. Laurence said that the public ministries of the Order were being very adequately taken over by lay people and it is clear that the primary role of the Brothers now is to witness to the radicality of the Gospel through the search for God and sharing this search with others.  The challenge for the Brothers is to be convinced of this new role and to be passionate and enthusiastic about it.

Quoting Br. Pierluigi Marchesi, a previous Prior General of the Order, Br. Laurence spoke of the five responsibilities of the role of a Brother:  to be a - critical conscience; a moral guide; a prophetic witness;an innovator; courageous in seeking the truth.  He went on to speak about the renewal of the spiritual and community life of the Brothers and the necessity of looking at new forms of community life.  He saiid that renewal, new hospitality, partnership and new models of governance are areas in which an agreed understanding and commitment are needed as they can be seen as 'truths' of our present reality and to live out their daily implicantions requires courage, wisdom and energy.

In conlcusion, Br. Laurence said that "the purpose of this reflection is to stimulate and encourage discussion on the role we see oursleves playing in the  Church and the world today.  A Saint John of God Brother is 'a man for all seasons'.  The charism which we have been grced with never goes out of fashion.  However, its expressioN changes constantly and we trust in the gRace of God, through the intercession of Saint John of God and our forbearers to guide and direct us in keeping Hospitality in the manner of Saint John of God alive in our day.

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