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Br. Jesus Etayo, General, Celebrates Eucharist with Pope Francis

On June 24, the Memorial of the Birth of St John the Baptist, the Superior General, Brother Jesús Etayo, together with General Councillors Brother Rudolf Knopp and Brother Giampietro Luzzato, had the privilege of celebrating Mass with Pope Francis in the House of Santa Marta in the Vatican.

 In his homily, the Holy Father emphasised the fact that ?John the Baptist could have made himself important, and could have said something about himself. But John merely pointed, he saw himself as a voice, not the Word. This is the mystery about John. He did not want to be an ideologist. He was the man who denied himself so that the Word could rise. And we, as Church, can pray for the grace today to prevent us from becoming an ideologised Church...? Another thought that Pope Francis wished to develop further was John the Baptist?s role as a spokesman: ?John was a voice without the Word, because the Word was not He, but Another.? ?He never took over the mastery of the Word, but was the one who indicated, who pointed?. He went on, ?The meaning of John?s life was to point to someone else.? Pope Francis then confessed that he had been struck by the fact that, ?The Church had chosen a period in which the days are the longest in the year for celebrating John the Baptist?s feast day, when the days ?are the brightest?; and John was certainly ?the man of light, he brought the light, but it was not his light, but reflected light. John,? he added, ?was like a moon.?

 After the Eucharist, the Brothers of the General Curia were given the possibility to personally greet Pope Francis. Brother Jesús took the opportunity to invite the Holy Father to visit Tiber Island Hospital, and it is our hope that the Holy Father?s spontaneous acceptance will soon become reality.




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