Celebration in Gwangju

Every year in the Korean Province, on the first Thursday night of
December, former employees are welcomed back to the St. John of God
Hospital at Gwangju. This year they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of the hospital. It is a joyous occasion (as can be seen

Former employees are brought up to date with the history of the hospital
by the showing of a video of important events at the hospital in the
past year.

One big event on the programme is the acknowledgement of the long
service of current employees. This year one employee was honoured for 20
years service and seven for 10 years service (see insert in photo).

As the night goes on there are various other awards - for people who
have won sections of a photography completion and for people who have
been nominated for outstanding examples of Hospitality-in-action (called
the 'Angulo Awards').

A fine meal of Korean delicacies is served and a celebratory cake is
cut. Then there is singing and dancing and other light entertainment.
New Co-workers are introduced and the evening finishes with a lottery.
Those lucky enough to get a winning number when they arrived are able to
present their ticket and take home a useful prize-for many of the
retired employees it is a welcome Christmas gift.



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