Co-workers’ Seminar in India

No! There is not a competition in the Asia Pacific Region to see what Province or Delegation can hold the most "Year of the Family of Saint John of God" events. But a casual observer might get that impression from the constant reports that have flowed into the APIPC Secretariat, throughout 2011, about such events. Certainly the "Year of the Family of Saint John of God" has had a big impact in our Region.

The latest event in our region that came within the year of the "The Family of Saint John of God" was a Seminar for Co-workers at Kattappana in India. This was the Indian Province’s third such seminar and it was part of an ongoing programme of training for Co-workers in ’the vision, mission and life of the Order’. Beginning on 15 December, it brought together about 50 Co-workers for three days of lectures, discussions and religious celebrations. Participants formed five discussion groups to deal with the input received from the speakers. This discussion and sharing enabled participants to exchange their experiences of being members of "The Family of Saint John of God". It also increased their understanding of the implications of membership.

Speakers at the seminar included Brothers, Sisters and Co-workers. At the concluding session participants received from Brother Brian O'Donnell, APIPC President and one of the speakers at the seminar, a certificate of attendance. The seminar was organised by the Province’s Director of the School of Hospitality, Brother Francis Mannaparampil.  






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