Blessed Braulio Maria Corres and his Companions, martyrs

Today we remember Blessed Braulio Maria Corres, Federico Rubio and their 69 companion martyrs who were beatified in Rome on October 25, 1992, and Blessed Maurizio Iñiguez de Heredia and his 23 companion martyrs who were beatified in Tarragona (Spain) on October 13, 2013. These 95 Brothers of the Hospitaller Order of St John of God, of different nationalities, performed their apostolate in various places in Spain and were martyred on different dates in the two-year period 1936-1937.

Oblivious to all dangers, which increased day by day, they remained steadfastly at their posts, and with their customary dedication and fidelity to the Hospitaller Charism they continued to nurse the sick and their patients suffering from physical and mental disabilities. Refusing to be intimidated by insults and death threats they willingly accepted to die as martyrs by holding on to and professing their faith, and continuing to perform their works of charity on behalf of the sick and the poor


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