Japanese Provincial Delegation Passes to Korean Province

On 6 March, in ceremonies at the Central Catholic Church of Kobe, Japan, the Provincial Delegation of Japan passed from its founding Province of Bavarian to the Korean Province. The symbolic act of the Japan Delegation’s candle being lit in unison by the Provincials of Bavaria and Korea is depicted above.   


The ceremonies consisted of a Mass of Thanksgiving presided over by the Archbishop of Osaka, Most Rev. Leo Jun Ikenaga, followed by the Act of Transition presided over by the Prior General, Brother Donatus Forkan. The two phases of the ceremonies were separated by a festive luncheon. The entire occasion was attended by approximately 150 persons.  These included all the Brothers of the Delegation and some Co-workers and friends and supporters of the Order in Japan. Korean Provincial Brother John Jung was accompanied by Brothers and Co-workers from Korea.  The Bavarian Provincial, Brother Emerich Steigerwald, led a delegation from Bavaria which included four ex-Provincials.  After the Prior General read the General Definitory decree approving the transfer there was the symbolic re-lighting of the ‘Japanese candle’ from new sources and the bestowal of the seals of the Delegation on the Japanese Delegate, Brother Francis Oka, by the Korean Provincial.




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