Fidelity to John of God Hospitality

 The feast of our founder this year in Korea was marked in a special way by the first profession of vows by a long time member of the Family of Saint John of God.

Brother Young-Duk Luis Pak made his vows into the hands of the Prior General, who was his Novice Master when he entered the Order as the first Korean novice in 1972.

While still a novice he had to withdraw from the Order to meet family obligations in the Korean tradition. However he remained closely connected to the Order and retained an affection for it and an identification with its spirit of Hospitality.

In due course he married Lucia and they had three children – Jerome, Vincent and John of God. They migrated to South America and, while in Argentina, associated themselves with the Order at Hurlingham. Later the family went to the United States where, sadly, Lucia died. Two of their sons married and, today, Brother Luis, as he is now known in religion, rejoices in being a grandfather.

After Lucia’s death Brother Luis began to think about the possibility of returning to the Order—in Korea. His three sons, not without some difficulty, gave their approval to their father consecrating the rest of his life to God as a St. John of God religious. He returned to his homeland and resumed the path to which he had committed himself many years earlier —formation for taking vows in the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God. During the profession ceremony the Prior General described this trajectory of history as a story of fidelity to a call to Hospitality and the Family of Saint John of God in many different circumstances.



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