Carmona Services Fashion Focus for Museum Project

The project ran for 11 weeks between September and December 2011. 6 individuals from Carmona Services came to the Museum every Tuesday morning and worked collaboratively with Education & Outreach Department staff.  

The aim of the project was to encourage the group to work together to explore the concepts of clothing and fashion. The project also aimed to provide Museum staff with the opportunity to work closely over a longer period with adults with intellectual disabilities to develop skills in working with this specific audience.

The participants explored the exhibition ‘The Way We Wore: 250 Years of Irish Clothing and Jewellery’, researching different styles of clothing and comparing them to what we wear today. Through this process the group came to a deeper understanding of contemporary Irish clothing.  The group explored how clothes can communicate and tell us something about the wearer. They also learned about the importance of fabric, texture, colour and shape as separate elements in the creation of clothes.  

The corsets and bustles on display in the exhibition inspired the group to construct a sculpture using willow and wire, the shape of which is based on a combination of everyone’s favourite outfits in the exhibition. The dress was then brought to life by weaving in all the colourful fabrics dyed by the group. The final work, which the group called ‘The Unusual’, represents each participant’s creative contribution. By combining everyone’s ideas, inspirations and techniques mastered throughout the project, they were able to create an impressive and unusual masterpiece!

The exhibition was officially opened to the public on Friday 2nd March 2012 by Lorraine Comer; Head of Education at the National Museum of Ireland and runs until the end of April. Project Developer: Bhevana Gungadin-Byrne (Choices, Carmona Services)
Museum Staff: Natalie Katona and Mary Greene





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