Daily Advent Text Message

The Adult Faith Development group in Ossory Diocese are once again offering a daily text message following on from the success of a similar venture at Lent

Each day a short text message, of a line of scripture or a thought for the day would be sent to those who have submitted their mobile phone number. This will come at NO cost to the person. The text might encourage them to reflect for a moment on something or to pause and say a brief prayer, think of someone, or decide to do something small that day. It is a way that we can journey together during Advent as we prepare for the arrival of the Infant Lord. Doing something for Advent supported and encouraged by others.

Those who would like to receive these texts – at no cost – are asked to:

  • TEXT their mobile number to the Ossory Faith Development Group at 085-8313100
  • or EMAIL afd@ossory.ie
  • or TELEPHONE 056-7753624
  • or WRITE their mobile number on the sheets provided.

(People can stop receiving the texts at anytime by simply texting STOP)


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