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What is a vocation?

The word vocation comes from the Latin word 'vocaare' which means 'to call'. As Christians we are all called to follow Christ through baptism. Each one of us does this in a different way. For some people that way may be a call to follow Christ through religious life.


How do I know if I might have a vocation?

  • Do you have a desire to do something different with your life but you are not sure what that is?
  • Do you feel that you want to get closer to God an let prayer have a bigger part in your life?
  • Do you admire the life or work of a priest, brother or sister that you know and would like to find out more about what makes them 'tick'?
  • Do you feel attracted to the way of life or the mission of a religious order?
  • The above doesn't always mean that a person has a vocation to the religious life but it might be worthwhile considering it!


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