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Archbishop Martin has invited young adults to an evening of prayer and preparation in advance of the International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin. 

Good News To Go!  as the event is called, is an initiative of the Office of Evangelisation and Ecumenism, assisted by collaboration between CYC, Carmelites, Magis Ireland, Youth 2000, parish pastoral workers and many other young people and organisations.

“Young people are doing the welcome, leading the prayers, playing the music, so it is very much an event for young people and the Archbishop is very happy to go to it,” Gerard Gallagher , pastoral co-ordinator, Dublin Archdiocese told ciNews. 

“It is an invitation to pray.  The Archbishop will give a Catechesis in the style of World Youth Day and after that, people can ask a question or comment on what he has said.  Then we will hear from one or two young people who have volunteered for the congress and then we will commission them.  The idea behind Good News To Go! is for the future, after the congress, to have something in place where young people can be contacted.  For that we have a Facebook page which will become a hub for monthly or weekly gatherings.”

Everyone is invited to “like” Good News to Go!  (GNTG) on Facebook and receive updates and details of future events.  Reflections on faith, prayer and events will regularly be posted, inviting young people to gather at the International Eucharistic Congress.  Throughout the summer, young people who will attend faith-based events will be invited to participate in GNTG.  For example, young people heading to Lourdes with the Archdiocese in September will also be invited.

“This will become an umbrella for a lot of those groups at work in youth ministry,” he said and in the meantime, everyone is looking forward to the International Eucharistic Congress in one month’s time. 

“We have a fantastic youth programme as part of the Eucharistic Congress called Go Be Church which connects in with Good News To Go!, one of the most ambitious youth ministry projects that we have organised.  We are hoping that many of our young people who turn up on Thursday night will then extend the invitation to other young people to go as a parish and a diocese to Eucharistic Congress.”

The event is at St Teresa’s Church, Clarendon Street on Thursday May 17 at 7:30pm.

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