Asia-Pacific Provincials' Conference



At the APIPC meeting in damayang , February / March 2012 it was decided with the approval of the General Definitory to close the APIPC after 21 years of existence and to replace it with a new structure called the Asia Pacific Provincials' Conference (APPC)

 The first APPC meeting took place from June 4th to 06th 2012 at the Provincial Curia of the Oceania Province Sydney, Australia. Present were the 4 Provincials from the regions of oceania,India, Korea and Vietnam, also present was Bro.Vincent Kochamkunnel,responsibile forAsia the Asia-Paciifc Region.The meeting was facilitated by Fr. Michael Mullins.S.M.

 The aim of the Provincials' Conference is to lead and manage the mission of Hospitality in the Asia- Pacific Region. As well as to authorise and promote practical collaboration in the areas of  Formation, Resourcing Missions, Finance, and Joint Projects.

 So far the Provincials' Conference have discussed in detail the following:

 1. Articulated the purpose of the Meeting

2. Developed Guidelines

3 Mandated for the Formation committe created for the Asia- Pacific Region

4. Discussed formation issues ( Manila Centre)

5.Discussed the election process of  the Chairperson and secreatry

6. Proposals from the Asia pacific region to the General chapter were discussed



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