St. John of God Stand at the Eucharistic Congress

The St. Jorihn of God Stand at the Exhibition Hall in the RDS for the IEC, has been 'manned' by Brothers and staff over the past week, from early morning until late evening.  

During my time on the stand, this Saturday afternoon, many people stopped to chat and to take way the literature, books and especially the perpetual calendar (which has proved immensely popular).   These people came from all corners of Ireland, Africa, USA, India, Japan, Korea, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and South America.  Many of them already knew about St. John of God, some through contributing to the Order over the years, others had worked with the Order and some had personal experience of the services.   It was heartening to hear them speak of the great work the Order was doing in Ireland and other parts of the world.

Even though we might think that St. John of God is not that well known, personally, I was surprised to find that many people knew of him as a "Saint for the sick" and prayed to him under that title.

It was good to be a part of the Eucharistic Congress, many thousands of people thronged the Exhibition Hall and there was a great sense of "communion" among those who were attending.  Indeed in speaking to the people who visited our stand and to other exhibitors around the hall, about their expeience of the EC, they all mentioned the 'good feeling' that existed and the personal contact with other people coming from so many different cultures and backgrounds, yet with a common bond, as being an unique experience.  The sharing of prayer and liturgy at different times during the days of the EC was another high point of the Congress.  In many ways the Eucharistic Congress provided an opportunity to "break bread" and expereince Eucharist on many different levels.

Our photo shows Frank Woods, retired staff member of the Development Company in Stillorgan with Archbishop Dermot Martin.



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