Brothers Make Final Profession

Brother John from Vietnam and Br. Michael from Croatia, recently made final profession in the Austrian Province. Both of them came to Austria in 2002 and while there found out about the St. John of God Order.  They said that although initially they spoke little German and so much was new to them, they felt at home with the Brothers of St. John of God. 

 The Provincial, Br. Ulrich Fischer, congratulated the newly professed Brothers saying that their decision to make final profession in the St. John of God Order, is like the beginning of a great symphony, moving from sorrow and doubt to courage and hope.   He went on to say that what is most important in the life of a Brother is the personal relationship with Christ – “Anyone who trusts in the Lord and not in themselves, who follows the Gospel teaching, and is faithful to the constitutions and statues of the Order , will be a happy and faithful Brother”.

 From a young age both John and Michael said they wanted to be involved in helping other people, this initial desire became a calling where they wanted a more prayerful and committed life in community with like- minded people.

Brothers John and Michael do not know exactly what the future may hold for them in terms of ministry but they said “ we will accept the challenges put to us and  always have  an open heart and ear for others.  We will be faithful to the Lord and use our skills for the good of others, endeavouring to carry on the legacy and work of St. John of God.”


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