Vocation Congress held in Colombia

The Fifth National Congress for Vocations took place in Ceja, Antioquia, Colombia recently.  Vocation Directors from all over Colombia, who wanted to update their vocation and formation programmes, were present at the Congress.

The Congress focussed on the four tasks of vocation animation:  Ploughing, planting, cultivating and harvesting.   It is Jesus who calls young people and plants the seed of the Gospel and the desire to follow him in their hearts.  It is the task of the Vocation and Formation teams and every member of the congregation to support these young people and help to cultivate that seed of vocation that they have received.  In order to fulfil this task it is important that Vocation and Formation personnel should be well prepared and trained to accompany young people and assist them in the discernment of their vocation.

 The four verbs used as the theme of the congress, ploughing, planting, cultivating and harvesting represent the stages of discernment.  Much emphasis was laid on the need to work with young people so that their hearts are prepared and ready to listen to the Spirit who alone can inspire in them the seed of vocation and cause it to grow.

 As a religious community with a specific charism, the Hospitaller Order, our Vocation Directors were happy to participate in the congress and work with other congregations and Orders to encourage and support young people in following the call of Christ wherever it may lead them.

 Present at the Congress were Monsignor Hector Zuleta Salah, Bishop of Riohacha and chairman of the Commission for Ordained Ministries; Archbishop Fernando Alvarez Elkin Botero, auxiliary Bishop of Medellin, Bishop Fidel Leon Cadavid, Bishop of Sonson Rionegro and Monsignor Aldo Cavalli, Apostolic Nuncio in Colombia.






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