One Million Euro Donated for Vocation Promotion

On the ‘Morning Ireland’ radio programme this morning Fr. Iggy  McCormack, Vocation Director for the Diocese of Killaloe, Co. Clare,  confirmed that a donation of 1million euro had been made to the diocese specifically for the promotion of vocations.  He said that this was an extraordinary act of generosity on the part of a parishoner from the diocese.

 Commenting on vocations to the diocese in recent  years, Fr. Iggy said that last year there were two ordinations in the diocese and they currently have a student in formation, as well as some men who are interested in finding out more about priesthood.

 When asked  how they intended to use the money, Fr. Iggy said that they will promote vocations as best they can.  He also said that it is quite an expensive process to educate a man for priesthood.   It now takes a lot longer to assess and educate a student from the time they approach the Diocese or Vocation Director up to the time of ordination, this could take five to seven years and cost in the region of  €100,000.

 For those who might be considering a call to the priesthood, Fr. Iggy said that this is a huge decision.  His advice was to talk to the local priest in their parish initially and they can then be put in touch with the Diocesan Vocation Director or a Religious Order, if this is their preference.  There are many options in terms of priesthood, but it is primarily a process of prayer and discernment in the initial stages.






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