Korean Province Embarks on New Project at Evergreen Village

On the 9th August last the Korean Province  held the ground breaking ceremony for the new Respite Centre for persons with learning disability at Gaewha-dong, Kangseo-gu, Seoul.  This project is part of a larger proposed project “the Evergreen Village”.  On completion of  the Respite Centre, it is hoped to embark on the second stage, the building of a Centre for older persons with learning disability.

  In 1958 5 brothers came from Ireland to establish the Order in Korea, the independent Korean Province of the Order was established in June 22nd, 2005, under the title of St. Daegun Kim Province.  Earlier this year the Japanese Delegation of the Order became part of the Korean Province.

The headquarters of the Order in Korea is located in Gwangju, there are 35 brothers residing in 6 communities and their ministries are located in Gwangju, Chuncheon, Seoul, Damyang, China, and Japan.



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