Desktop: a new Hospitality Europe EU project

At the end of July, the European Commission published its evaluations of the proposals for projects submitted for financing in 2015 under the Erasmus+ programme dedicated to the continuing education and training of Europe?s' citizens. We were delighted to learn that among the projects financed by the EU there was the one designed by the Brussels Hospitality Europe office for several centres and the Order and the Sisters Hospitallers caring for people with disabilities.

The project will last for two years and will be known by its acronym, DESkTOP, to develop the skills of people with disabilities on online platforms. It is a strategic partnership to foster learning by people with disabilities and has been funded with over 175,000 euro. The coordinating entity for the project will be Madrid-based Juan Ciudad Foundation (Interprovincial Commission) working jointly with the Vodafone Spain Foundation.  Centres taking part include the Order?s facilities at Kainbach (Austria),Straubing (Germany), Konary (Poland) and Dublin, the Sisters Hospitallers? facilities (Paris and Lisbon) and Hospitality Europe (Brussels ? Belgium). It is a European Union project with the largest ever participation of the Centres of the Order, and for the very first time includes the Sisters Hospitallers.

Work will begin in the autumn and focus on developing an application for smart phones and tablets to be used as a learning tool according to the intellectual and psychological/physical abilities of people with disabilities. The DESkTOP project will endeavour to replicate a pilot scheme at the European level similar to the one that has been promoted in Spain over the last two years by the Juan Ciudad Foundation and the Vodafone Foundation. 


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