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First Meeting of Directors of the Order's Centres for the Homeless in Europe

The first meeting of those in charge of the Hospitaller Order’s social services for the homeless in Europe has taken place at the General Curia this week.

The meeting, promoted and organized by Carlo Galasso, in charge of the Order’s European Office in Brussels, in cooperation with the Spanish Interprovincial Commission “Juan Ciudad”, and Joan Uribe, director of the Social Services of the Order in Barcelona, was opened by the Prior General Br. Donatus Forkan and Br. Rudolf Knopp, First General Councillor.

During the morning session, Br. Pascual Piles, current Provincial Superior to the Aragonese Province, contributed with a presentation on the value of the mission of the Hospitaller Brothers for the homeless and the needy, meanwhile Carlo Galasso and Joan Uribe explained the opportunities and  advantages, arising from the European Union programmes and stakeholders, for the Order’s European social services

 In the afternoon, participants from nine different European Provinces of the Order, presented the activities and features of the centers where they work.  An open and lively debate followed which brought out a common desire and interest to strengthen and keep stable bonds at European level.

In particular,  the importance of a continuous and efficient exchange of information among the centers, was underlined, which despite distances and diversities,  share the value of belonging to the same hospitaller family of Saint John of God. 

Concluding the meeting Dr. Galasso thanked all the participants as well as those who cooperated with the organization of this first European encounter.  He highlighted his availability to support, with information and advice, the development of future ideas and initiatives.


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