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Over the past few months, the General Curia of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God has published several documents, written by the Commissions which the General Definitory had previously put in place. These documents contain the results of the deliberations, driven by the General Curia, of the Commissions throughout the Sexennium which is now coming to a close. They therefore apply to the whole Order, and some of them will also be published in book form by the Provinces.\"\\"\\"\"

These are the documents and the links where they can be found on the web page of the General Curia of our Order.


  • ·         Pastoral Care in the Manner of St John of God (General Commission on Pastoral Care)
  • ·         The Formation of the Co-workers: Formation manual on the philosophy and values of the order (Europe Commission, Subcommission on the \\\"The Co-worker’s Formation Book\\\")
  • ·         First Steps along the Path of Hospitality: the Charter of Hospitality User’s Manual (ad hoc Commission)
  • ·         St John of God’s Ethics (Salvino Leone and the General Commission on Bioethics)
  • ·         Conscientious Objection (the General Commission on Bioethics)
  • ·         Updated versions of chapters 4 and 5 of the Order\\\'s Charter of Hospitality(General Commission on Bioethics)


We would like all these materials to reach every part of the St John of God Family, so that everyone can read and apply them in order to enable us to continue driving forward the renewal of the Order throughout the world, and continue performing the mission of Hospitality faithfully and creatively.



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