A Mighty Man - Fr. Gerry Roche Story

A new documentary launched in Dublin recently retells the life and circumstances of the murder of Irish missionary, Fr Gerry Roche.\"\\"\\\\"\\\\"\\"\"

The production is the work of two Irish-American sisters who are students of filmography and journalism.  Mary Catherine and Cornelia Brouder came to Ireland to study in the summer of 2009 and were shocked by the news of the killing of Fr Roche in a violent robbery on December 10 2009 in Kericho in western Kenya.

The robbers tied the priest\\\\\\\'s hands and cut his throat and then made off with his laptop, two mobile phones, a camera and a CD player. 

The New York-based family of the two sisters were life-long supporters of Fr Roche’s work.  He spent over 40 years building clinics, schools, churches and community centres in Kenya’s politically contentious Rift Valley.

The documentary, A Mighty Man: The Father Gerry Roche Story, retells Fr Gerry’s life through the memories his family, closest friends as well as former parishioners.  According to the Brouder sisters, it is, “a testament to the life of an activist, a builder, a jokester, linguist, a man of faith.”

Speaking after the launch at Filmbase in Dublin, Hannah Sheehy, sister of the missionary, who was a member of the Kiltegan Fathers, told ciNews, that the death of her brother, who was one of 11 children, “was a terrible disaster for the family.” 

His nephew, Gerard Cunningham, described the 68-year-old from West Limerick as having, “the highest regard for the women in society.” 

He added, “The documentary would enable his children as they grow older to recall their uncle.”

Asked about the court case that followed the murder, Hannah Sheehy said the family is not preoccupied with whether justice had been done or not, “as nothing would bring back Fr Gerry.”  She said their main concern was, “for the safety of other very good friends still on the mission in Kenya.”

The DVD can be obtained directly through Mary Catherine Brouder for €10 by emailingmarycatherine.brouder@gmail.com

Photo from the launch of the documentary - \\\\\\\'A Mighty Man: the Father Gerry Roche Story\\\\\\\'.  (l to r)  Mary Catherine Brouder (director), Hannah Sheehy – sister of Fr Roche, and Gerard Cunningham – nephew of Fr Roche.

By Sarah Mac Donald



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