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\"Fundraising: Money and Conscience\" - St. John of God Fundraisers Meet in Rome

 The Hospitaller Order\\\'s meeting on Fundraising and International Cooperation has just been held in Granada, organised by the “St. John of God Fundraising Alliance” in conjunction with “Juan Ciudad ONGD”\"\\"\\"\"

 A meeting entitled \\\"Fundraising: money and conscience\\\" was held on 20 and 21 September in Granada for representatives and experts of the Organisations and Foundations belonging to the Hospitaller Order (OH), working in the field of International Cooperation in poor countries throughout the world.

 It was attended by the Superior General of the Hospitaller Order, Brother Donatus Forkan, who emphasised the importance of continuing to work and raising funds to enable the Order to continue delivering the care which the OH offers throughout the world, despite the difficult times in which we are living.

The opening session, at which the delegates were welcomed, was attended by Brother Moisés Martín, the Director of the Missions and International Cooperation office at the General Curia in Rome, Brother Julián Sánchez, the Provincial of the Bética Province in Spain, Brother Vincent Kochamkunnell, representing the General Curia Missions and International Cooperation Office, and Brother José Mª Viadero, the Technical Director of Juan Ciudad ONGD.

 There were 38 delegates from Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Peru, and from various towns and cities in Spain who were able to share information and discuss issues relating to fundraising and its use in the field of International Cooperation in the Hospitaller Order\\\'s social and health care Centres in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Activities and projects have been implemented over the past six years worth €30 million, invested in health and social care in the poorest countries, through Cooperation, International Volunteerism and Awareness building projects, among others.

 These figures have been gathered by the \\\"Missions and International Cooperation Office\\\" and also include the activities performed by the following not-for-profit organisations of the Hospitaller Order (and members of the St John of God Alliance): Juan Ciudad ONGD - Spain, the Saint John of God Development Company - Ireland, Associazione con i Fatebenefratelli per i malati lontani (AFMAL) – Italy, and Fundação São João de Deus - Portugal.

 The Benito Menni - España Foundation and the Fundación de Religiosos para la Salud (FRS), were also invited, and three training lectures were held on fundraising, ethical banking and the mass media.

 There follows the list of the speakers who addressed the various working sessions, offering a comprehensive view of the enormous amount of work performed in recent years by the Hospitaller Order in poor countries, and revealing the challenges that lie ahead, in order to continue fostering comprehensive human health and development in resource-poor environments, despite the global economic crisis.

 On Thursday, September 20, the speakers and moderators in the session entitled, “What are we doing, how are we doing it, and where can improvements be made?” were :

  • Bro. Moisés Martín, Bro. Vincent Kochamkunnell and Bro. Daniel A. Marquez. St. John of God Fundraising Alliance – General Curia, Rome.
  • Bro. Víctor Martín, Bro. José Mª Viadero, Mª Ángeles Zabalza, Raquel Juanes, David López  and Bro. Ángel López. Fundación Juan Ciudad ONGD - Spain.
  • Bro. Gerardo D’Auria and Mr Antonio Barnaba. Associazione con i Fatebenefratelli per i Malati Lontani (AFMAL) – Italy.
  • Bro. Ronan Lennon. Saint John of God Development Company - Ireland.
  • Mr Rui Amaral and Mrs Sofía Lopes. Fundação São João de Deus - Portugal.
  • Bro. Isidro Vazques. Fundación Teletón_San Juan de Dios - Peru.
  • Sr Begoña Pérez. Fundación Benito Menni – Spain.
  • Sr Aurelia Cuadrón. Fundación de Religiosos para la Salud (FRS)- Spain.


On the second day, 21 September, the following formation lectures were delivered:

  • Francisco Javier Sota: New fundraising methods.
  • Pedro Fernández-Martos: Money and conscience, ethical banking.
  • Julián del Olmo: Our work-mission and the mass media.


The meeting was held at the Centro San Rafael in Granada and ended with the Path of St John of God and a visit to St John of God Archive-Museum.


We wish to thank everyone who worked so hard to organise this meeting, as well as the speakers and all those who attended it, making it possible.



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