Evaluating Charismatic Management

 A request was made at the 2008 Europe Regional Conference to design a tool for evaluating Charismatic Management. This was\"\\"\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" entrusted to the Order\\\\\\\'s Europe Commission, which set up a group of experts, tasking them with drafting the document for the purpose. The group comprised the following persons:

 Bro. Rudolf Knopp, General Curia, President

Bro. Miguel Angel Varona, Castile Province

Bro. Kristijan Sinkovic, Lombardy-Veneto Province

Mr Gerhard Rey, Bavarian Province

Mrs Jane McEvoy, West European Province

Mr Marek Krobicki, Polish Province

 The working group completed the document in the spring of 2012 and it was decided to present it at a specially organised introductory course.

 The course was run on 1 and 2 October, 2012 in Rome, at the General Curia, and was attended by a representative from every European Province and a few representatives from the American, Asian and African Regions. A total of 26 members of the St John of God Family took the course. We shall be circulating the document to all the Provinces in the next few weeks. It is entitled \\\\\\\"Charismatic Management in the Hospitaller Order of St John of God: a guide for evaluating and improving our apostolic mission\\\\\\\". The computerised format of the questionnaire for evaluation will be ready on 1 January, 2013.

 Judging from the enthusiasm of those attending the course, we expect this tool to be warmly welcomed by the Provinces so that it can contribute to the deployment of our Charism in the contemporary world.

 The General Government wishes to thank all the members of the Commission who drafted the document and all those who attended the course, for their active and constructive cooperation. A special word of thanks is due to the Austrian Province which has undertaken responsibility for designing the computerised version of the evaluation tool.




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