New Prior General Elected

Today the General Chapter elected Br. Jesus Etayo Prior General of the Hospitaller Order.  Br. Jesus Etayo Arrondo.  Br. Jesus is from  Fustiñana – Pamplona (Spain)  He is 52 years old, made  Temporary profession 29th September 1977 and solemn profession 12th October 1983. Ordained priest 21st September 1985.  He is on the General Council and his areas of   animation and goverance of the life of the Brothers, Co-workers, Formation, Vocations Promotion/Pastoral Care, Bioethics in the geographical area of Europe.

The  LXVIII General Chapter of the St. John of God Order began on   October 22, 2012 at the Retreat House of Our Lady of Carmen at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, Portugal.

Brothers and co-workers from all parts of the Order,  in the five continents were in attendance

In the afternoon we watched a DVD entitled ?Journeying with Saint John of God on the Path of Renewal? which described how the Order has lived the renewal movement from II Vatican Council to the present day.

The Chapter began by reflecting on the following questions:

1.      How has the Order carried out the renewal  or ?aggiornamento?  urged by II Vatican Council?

2.      What are the positive aspects or effects of this renewal  for the Order and what have been the most difficult?

3.      What major challenges will the Order have to face in the future, starting from this General Chapter?

Following the formalities of the opening of the  Chapter  Bro Donatus Forkan, Prior General, gave his opening address.    Bro Donatus then invited the Superior General of the ?Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd?, who have decided to proceed with their eventual fusion with the Order, to take the floor.  After a moving speech reiterating his Congregation?s desire to join the Order, Bro Justin handed his profession cross over to Bro Donatus.

 The various language groups then met to discuss the Prior General?s address.   After feedback from the groups, Bro Donatus clarified a number of points raised.

Over the next few days reports were received from the many Provinces throughout the world. 

All the groups expressed thanks and appreciation to the Councillors for all their hard work in their region of competence.  A number of  comments and subjects were mentioned which could be useful in continuing the animation of the Order throughout the world.  The discussions took place in an atmosphere of freedom and brotherhood. 

This Chapter was the first time in the history of the Order that a group of young Hospitallers were invited to attend.    The young  shared their enthusiasm,  clear view of reality,  passion and hope in presenting their message.  They emphasized the following: the need to use  modern means of communication,  concern for vocations ( celebration of a Hospitaller Vocations Year), establishment of a formation centre in Granada for Brothers and Co-workers, setting up of vocation promotions groups in all regions of the world.  They also favoured closer collaboration among the Provinces, the unification of all the Order?s works, more attention to the views and opinions of patients and service-users, as well as the setting up of ?cells of Hospitality? to bring help to the most in need.  (The full text can be found on the General Curia?s website).

The Chapter  then turned its attention to the Mission of the Family of Saint John of God and the discussion groups worked on that topic in the morning and afternoon. This completed the phase of discussing the Chapter Working Document in linguistic groups.

 The Prior General reminded the Chapter that, instead of exchanging expensive souvenirs at the Chapter, the Provinces had agreed to make a financial contribution to assist the mission of the Order in Timor L'Este. He announced that the Timor L'Este fund created by Province donations had already reached 80,000 Euros. He was confident that the fund would eventually reach 100,000 Euros.


The LXVIII General Chapter

of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God, held in Fatima,

on 1st November 2012

elected as Superior General

Brother Jesús ETAYO




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