Five young Papua New Guineans recently arrived at the Postulancy at Aitape on the North Coast of Papua New Guinea, to begin their initial formation. The new Postulants, Bob Mayambo, Tommy Asei, Jack Kaisir, Dominic Amandruk and Brendan Broiye, had attended a "Come and See" weekend conducted by the Vocations' Director, Br. Philip Teingo. The postulants will commence their formation with a five week course on prayer, personal and liturgical. The Order expanded to Papua New Guinea in 1971 while that country was still under Australian administration. For ten years it conducted the Cheshire Home in Port Moresby for the Cheshire Foundation Homes of Papua New Guinea. Today the Order in Papua New Guinea is orientated towards rural health care and most Papuan New Guineans members train in that area of health service.