Two New St. John of God Facilities Opened

Two projects that lie at the very heart of the mission of the Order and the Church were blessed and inaugurated on March 21, 2013.

One dedicated to the poor, particularly those in advanced years, but also for children. It is called the Eustachius Kugler Pratheeksha Bhavan -  the House of Hope, with the capacity to care for 200 elderly guests and 50 children. They will be offered a variety of social and welfare services according to their individual needs.

This has been a focal project in the Centre since its foundation, and had to be modernised and upgraded and adapted to meet new needs. St John of God and Bro. Fortunatus Thanhäuser (who pioneered the Order?s presence in India) will be delighted just now, because these facilities will make it possible to continue serving the poor, the elderly and children just as they themselves did. And all out of love for God.

The other Centre that has been blessed and inaugurated is the Fortunatus Mental Health Centre. It was something that Brother Fortunatus dreamed about and which is now a reality today, bearing his name. It is a mental health Centre with the capacity to cater for 50 people with mental health problems.

It is also a project that takes a contemporary and up-to-date approach to mental health care. It will be possible to take in inpatients, and to perform community work (in the local area) particularly in the field of mental health preventive care and promotion for which training courses are planned for mental health nurses of both genders, among other things. It is really a dream and will certainly do a great deal of good.

There is no doubt that the three groups of guests for which these new facilities are provided - the elderly, children and persons with mental health problems - all make up the group of vulnerable people who are God?s favourites and lie at the very heart of our Hospitality service.


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