Meeting of the Provincials of the Asia Pacific Region

 The Asia Pacific Provincials Conference (APPC) met in Vietnam January 28-30, 2013 with the General Delegate Brother Joseph Smith. The group embraced and supported the initiative of the General Government in establishing the key leadership role of General Delegate For Asia Pacific recognizing the new expression of relational and inclusive leadership for the region.

The meeting spent time reflecting on their experience of our recent General Chapter, particularly taking up the themes of identity and mission. An important element of the agenda dealt with ?Care of Leaders? exploring lines of action in this regard and committing to practical forms of ongoing support of each other and regular communication.

In shaping a plan for the future the participants were ably assisted by the facilitation of Father Michael Mullins SM who used a process of Pastoral Reflection. The first and essential element of the plan for the region was in regard to cooperation and coordination. Central in the thinking of the APPC is the establishment of a ?Regional Centre For Hospitaller Formation? by 2014. The main focus of such a centre being the formation of formators. This line of action has been identified as essential to the future of our Order in the Asia Pacific Region.



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